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60% of our ingredients are purchased local (or within the USA) from farmers markets and grocers. These suppliers are required to report to the FDA and are clear about how and where the products we choose come from. The very organic oils, butters, sugar, salts, and spices that you use to cook your favorite meals, could very well be the same fresh high-quality products that we use in our moisturizing skin and hair care recipes.


40% of our ingredients come from small businesses, facilities and wholesalers that specifically support handcrafters (like ourselves), farming and FDA regulations for the cosmetic industry. These suppliers either extract essential oils on site, make ethical decisions to purchase supplies, support farmers that do, as well as conduct and report product testing for quality assurance. Because of their best business practices, we obtain quality essential oils, natural preservatives, etc. – helping us to avoid harsh chemicals, parabens, and the like. Although most of our products are self-preserving and do not require stabilizers, for your safety we add them at the lowest percentage for best results in preserving the product for your daily use (and ours ♥ We are SHE Essentials™ customers too!)

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5 lbs. of unrefined shea butter



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Whipped shea butter

No added oils


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We believe in buying from small-scale businesses and reputable experienced suppliers, which gives us the opportunity to better ensure the quality of our products, encourage sustainability, and form long-lasting relationships with people. Knowing the impact our buying (and yours) has on the people and environment, we can make responsible decisions about where and how we purchase ingredients and packaging.

*In the coming months, you will see some of our packaging has changed. As we have made an ethical decision to switch to a better-quality recyclable packaging and shipping materials. Our goal is to leave a better footprint in business, as well as your home.  ♥We appreciate your support♥